What You Should Know About Jewish Prayer Garb



Prayer is a central tenet of Judaism. Jews pray as a way to connect with the Divine, chant ancient poetry, and join with others in community during weekday prayer, Shabbat, and other holidays. Although prayer can be done without the use of ritual items, some Jews find deep spiritual meaning in wearing special items to enhance this sacred experience.

Let’s take a look at some of these items.

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Who Hates Us… Most? A Sermon By Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg


FEBRUARY 23, 2019

Who Hates Us … the Most?

I have asked the question before, but now we know the answer! The answer to the great debate amongst Jews these days: who hates us more … the people on the right, or the people on the left? We all agree that we are hated! We all agree that from Pittsburgh to Budapest and all points in between, there is hatred from the right. And we all agree that from BDS to Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn, there is hatred from the left. But the REAL question is: who hates us more? Who is more dangerous? Of course, the answer usually depends upon which side of the divide we’re standing. In the words of Jonathan Tobin, the highly respected head of the Jewish News Syndicate, “In recent years, how you answer that question tended to be a function of your politics more than anything else. For liberals, anti-Semitism was the work of the traditional far right … the conservatives, it was just the opposite.”

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